Promoting, Protecting and Expanding the Motorcycle Industry


The MCIA’s objectives are to promote, protect and expand the motorcycle industry for the benefit of members.

Promoting the market

Promoting Powered Two Wheelers as:

  • The commuter solution 
  • Environmentally friendly transport
  • Congestion busting 
  • An economic alternative to a car
  • An affordable transport solution for the young
  • Providing access to work for young people in rural areas that are unsupported by public transport (Wheels to Work scheme)
  • A fun way of getting about
  • A mainstream sport
Protecting the market

Responding to industry challenges: 

  • Improving safety
  • Highlighting the industrys economic worth and how it can contribute to governments economic and social goals
  • Breaking down barriers to motorcycle use
  • Influencing the development and implementation of legislation and policy affecting the industry
  • Leading and contributing to projects and groups within Government and its agencies (e.g. DSA, DVLA, DfT, TfL) and in Europe though ACEM
Expanding the market

Growing the number of motorcycle users: 

  • Securing existing markets
  • Increasing access to wider segments
  • Promoting motorcycling as a mainstream transport choice for all 
  • Promoting motorcycling to non motorcyclists