Promoting, Protecting and Expanding the Motorcycle Industry

Manufacturing and Business Policy

MCI and UK Motorcycle Manufacturing

Growth is the Government’s top priority and every part of Government is focused on it, which is why the MCI  is enhancing its role in lobbying government on business and manufacturing issues, so assisting the motorcycle business community and to help manufacturers drive growth in the UK.  This will subsequently benefit industry as a whole.

There is a clear and active role for Government to create the conditions for the private sector to grow and remove unnecessary barriers that can stifle growth. Industry tells the MCI that it wants Government to reduce bureaucracy, to cut ‘red tape’ and to offset the burden of taxation in order to stimulate growth.

To promote these objectives, MCI is researching and updating the information that reflects members’ issues and concerns.  This information is developed into key themes and messages and used to report and represent manufacturing interests to Government, policy makers and the general public.

The motorcycle industry needs recognition and support if it is to realise its full potential and fully contribute to the UK’s economic recovery.  In particular, the industry needs to be better recognised by Government departments such as the Business Innovation and Skills Department, the Department for Transport, the Department for Education and Department for Work & Pensions and fully included in policy making mechanisms.

But why should the Government and broader society take notice of the motorcycle industry? Because we are an industry which is well placed to deliver support for and progress towards national political and social goals such as job creation, a rebalanced economy, improved mobility, improving road safety, better transport policy, crime reduction and social inclusion.

The MCIA’s business agenda sets out how Government can assist the motorcycle industry achieve broader national goals such as:

  • Knowledge and Innovation - Promote excellent universities and research and increased business innovation
  • Skills - Build an internationally competitive skills base and promote more opportunities for individuals in realising their potential
  • Enterprise - Boost enterprise and make this the decade of the entrepreneur; and rebalance the economy across sectors and across regions
  • Trade and investment - Stimulate exports and inward investment
  • Markets - Create a positive business environment; and protect and empower consumers

The MCI Economic Update is free to download and supported by a number of short factsheets which provide further information on each subject (see 'downloads' right).  These illustrate how society as a whole can benefit from Government support for industry policies.

This report accompanies MCI’s Motorcycle Policy Framework.

New information about the various aspects of the UK manufacturing industry comes to light all the time. As a result this report will be regularly updated, so please continue to watch this space!

For further information, please contact MCI’s manufacturing and business policy project manager Philip Neale or MCI’s public policy advisor Craig Carey-Clinch