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General Members

General members are Accessory and Component Suppliers and Service Providers (current members in this category are shown in the Members Directory).

Membership Subscriptions are based on your UK motorcycle related annual turnover, as follows:
 (UK, motorcycle related)
 Annual Subscription 
 (excluding VAT) 
 Under £250K  £625
 £250K - £1M  £750
 £1M - £5M  £870
 £5M - £15M  £1,240
 £15M - £40M  £2,465
 £40M - £55M  £4,690

Please note that the first year will be as a Provisional member. Financial benefits associated with Motorcycle Live are not applicable in the first year of membership. 

For General MCI  Membership, you can apply online or complete the attached application form.

If you have any queries concerning membership please contact