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New appointees for MCIA Board and SMGs

7th April 2017

Results are now in for the MCIA’s biennial elections.  Voting took place to appoint a chair and vice chair for each Special Member Group (SMG) for the period April 2017 to March 2019 and one for the Off-Road Special Interest Group.

MCIA has a total of three SMGs, to represent manufacturers, accessory and component suppliers and service providers.  There are a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), in addition to the Off-Road Group.  There is also an SIG for Brexit and a recently added group for PR and Marketing professionals.

SMGs meet twice a year to identify generic threats and opportunities within various industry sectors.  They give members the opportunity to work together on projects which promote or help the industry and attendance is open to every MCIA member.  The chair of each SMG has a seat on the main MCIA Board, which allows for a flow of information between the board and each group.

Sandra Cole, Membership Manager of the MCIA, who administrates the elections, says:

“The SMG and Special Interest Group structure means there is a constant dialogue between each sector and the MCIA Board, which is a particularly effective way of ensuring the work of the Association is relevant and of benefit to its members.”


What’s new?

Derek McMartin of Bickers will take a seat on the board for the first time, as the new Chair for the Accessory and Component SMG.  The outgoing Chair is Mark Fenwick of B & C Express, who will take up the Vice Chair position.

Derek says:

“It’s a huge honour to have become a board director of the MCIA and to have been appointed chair of the committee representing members in the accessories and component sectors.  Bickers has a rich and lengthy history upholding the values of the MCIA and striving to set an example that promotes industry best practice.

“The UK motorcycle industry is a tight knit one and we all have a responsibility to help each other maintain its reputation and encourage it to thrive. I’m very much looking forward to playing a bigger role in supporting the sector and sharing my 21 years’ experience to drive MCIA’s vision forward over the coming months and years.”

Chair of the manufacturers SMG is a board appointment and for the coming term this will be Paul Lilly of Triumph.  Vice Chair will be Mark Nightingale of Moore Large, who takes over from Dean Clements of Clements Moto.  Mark will also take a position on the board for the first time, in order to represent the interests of smaller manufacturers.

Mark explained:

“I am very enthusiastic about taking on my first directorial appointment in the role of Vice chair.

“Having come from an engineering background and being in the motorcycle retail sector for over 20 years, I moved to the importation side in 2000 and have acquired extensive knowledge in both sectors during this time, which I believe will assist me in my new role.”

Chair of the Off-Road SMG will be Adam Kelley, Yamaha, while Suzanne Potts, General Manager of AMCA has been re-elected Vice Chair.

Dave Macey has been re-elected Chair of the Service Providers SMG and Nick Baker of Carole Nash has been appointed Vice Chair.

To recap:

Accessory and components Suppliers


Chair                          Derek McMartin, Bickers. 

Vice Chair                   Mark Fenwick, B & C Express


Chair                          Paul Lilly, Triumph (Board appointment)

Vice Chair                   Mark Nightingale, Moore Large

Service Provider 

Chair                          Dave Macey, Blackhorse

Vice Chair                   Nick Baker, Carole Nash                      

Off-Road SMG   

Chair                           Adam Kelley, Yamaha

Vice Chair                   Suzanne Potts, AMCA

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