Promoting, Protecting and Expanding the Motorcycle Industry

Industry Contact Centre

An industry contact centre has been established by the MCI, using expertise developed for a similar model which was applied to BikeSafe.  Launched in June 2012, it is showing signs of being a powerful tool for Get On and the industry to monitor new riders and campaign effectiveness. 

The booking service is predominantly web based, with telephone support for those who need extra help, administered by a team of motorcycle riders with specialist knowledge in testing and training.  The software used is highly flexible, allowing trainers to manage and monitor the sessions they offer and could easily be adapted to expand a further range of services.

The contact centre operates 7 days a week, 8.30am to 8.00pm.

Those taking a free ride via the Get On campaign can now be tracked to a subsequent bike purchase and beyond. The contact centre undertakes research in the form of email and telephone surveys and achieves very high sample rates (circa 80% is usual).  

The contact centre is ready to take on commercial business from  companies with similar booking, research and monitoring requirements that need specific motorcycling expertise. For more information contact Karen Cole.