Promoting, Protecting and Expanding the Motorcycle Industry

Public Affairs

The role a motorcycle can play in easing congestion, improving traffic flow, reducing journey times and emissions should not be underestimated.  Our task as industry body is to ensure that motorcycling forms part of the Government’s main stream transport policy.

The MCI holds relationships built over many years with stakeholders including those within Government and its agencies in the UK (e.g. DSA, DVLA, DfT, TfL) and in Europe through ACEM (the manufacturers industry association for Europe).  The MCI is a respected industry authority and takes key positions in all the Committees where members interests should be represented.

The MCI works to protect the industry from  legislation that may disadvantage members and has an impressive history of successful campaigns and lobbying, recent examples include:
MCI members play a very important role in lobbying activity, and are encouraged and supported in contacting their MPs and MEPs.