Promoting, Protecting and Expanding the Motorcycle Industry


Whilst mopeds, scooters and motorcycles represent for many now and increasingly in the future, an ideal personal mobility solution, safety concerns have created negative perceptions. The MCIA is at the forefront of calls to improve the safety of riders through changes in policy, road infrastructure, clothing protection, rider training, rider attitude and raising the awareness of other road users.

Motorcycle training and testing plays a vital, integral part in developing safer riders. The MCIA and MCITA (the Association for Motorcycle Trainers) has played a key role in the challenges made to the Government and its agencies over the failings of the current testing regime which was introduced in response to European legislation (2DLD). MCIA gave evidence at a Transport Select Committee Inquiry into the test implementation and has been a key advisor to the DVSA and DfT in its subsequent Review of the testing system.

More recently MCIA has become an approved assessment centre by IMI Awards, and now offer comprehensive, quality assured courses for Approved Training Bodies (ATB’s) and their Instructors through our sister organisation Motorcycle Industry Association Accreditation Centre (MCIAC). 

These courses have been endorsed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) ‘ The DVSA recognise that there is currently a lack of clear signposting to help customers choose a quality business to train with. Whilst there are many excellent ATBs, there are also less scrupulous operators, which hold back training standards and tarnish the reputation of the training industry’. 

All MCIAC accredited ATB’s will provide top quality motorcycle training backed up with excellent customer service. We are developing a network of ATB’s and more details about them and MCIAC can be found here

The MCIA is a strong advocate of progressive learning and post test training, it works closely with BikeSafe providing their National Booking Service.