US Tariffs affecting European Motorcycles and Accessories

12 April 2019

The US Government has announced that it is likely to impose tariffs on a number of products from our industry.

US Government have announced that they will likely introduce a 100% tariff on a number of imports from the EU, which will have a direct impact on several product groups from our industry.  

This proposal is in response to a WTO investigation of government subsidies to Airbus and is unrelated to tariffs around steel imports. Hearings in the US are set for the month of May with an expectation that a decision on which goods to charge and a start date will be made shortly thereafter.  

In terms of whole vehicles, the current list of products includes all combustion engine motorcycles with an engine capacity between 500cc and 700cc.  

With regard to other products, the items listed also includes parts & accessories directly related to motorcycles and mopeds.  

Full details of the US Government’s press release can be found here:  

Please be aware that we are working closely with the UK Government and had already scheduled a meeting with the Minister for early May.  We will keep you updated accordingly.  

For further details or to arrange interviews with Tony Campbell, contact Gina Evans on 02476 408000 or email

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