‘Saving Time & Money whilst having an enjoyable commute’ - the main reasons why people choose to commute by a motorcycle or scooter

19 June 2018

Riding to Work has been shown as having a significant impact upon a persons’ well-being, which was highlighted in a recent survey conducted to coincide with Ride to Work Week, which started yesterday.

With commuting being a leading cause of stress from factors such as the misery of congested roads and overcrowded public transport, there is a heightened importance for employees to have a stress free commute and for employers to support this.

The aim behind the survey was to identify why people ride to work, and how they would like to see riders supported in transport policy.

Why ride to work?

Over 400 riders shared their opinions via the survey.  While ‘enjoyment’ topped reasons to ride to work (93%), 64% said ‘saving time’ was important whilst and 46% said they did it to ‘save money’.

In contrast to popular belief, the weather appears immaterial as nearly 60% of riders claimed to ride through all seasons and weather conditions.

How should riders be supported?

There was clear consensus on what needs to be done by transport planners and local authorities to help riders.  They ranged from more secure parking, improved road surfaces and lane widths to allow safe filtering, which is legal in the UK.

Additionally, there was strong support for greater access to bus lanes and access to Cycle Superhighways, which several respondents said are largely empty for most of the day.   Access to cycle advance stop lines at junctions also received a regular mention as this unfairly discriminated riders.

Safe road space

As many towns and cities around the UK introduce cycle lanes, there is a worrying trend toward the narrowing of normal traffic lanes, narrow lanes increase risk to riders whom are trying to filter, many respondents suggesting road planners should think again.
How would you commute if not by Motorcycle or Scooters?

Of the 249 respondents who replied to the question ‘how would you get to work if you couldn’t ride?’, 60% said they’d swap to a car, 20% said they’d use public transport and 9% said they’d walk or cycle.  5% said they would not be able to get to their current job at all.

Tony Campbell, CEO of the Motorcycle Industry Association, which conducted the survey for its Ride to Work Week Campaign said:

“With the increasing number of commuters turning to Motorcycles and Scooters to travel to work, and the large rise in Small Parcel & Food delivery by Powered Two Wheelers, Government both national and local must think carefully as to how this can be encouraged and accommodated safely”  

“The Government have set some clear goals around congestion and clean air, to ignore the contribution that Motorcycles & Scooters can offer appears a bit of a paradox”    

For more information contact Tony Campbell on press@mcia.co.uk or call 02476 408000.
Notes for Editors:

  • Ride to work week takes place from 18th – 24th June 2018.  Find out more about Ride to Work Week at www.ridetoworkweek.co.uk where assets are available for downloading.
  • Follow #commutehappy
  • Ride to Work Week is organised by the Motorcycle Industry Association.
  • Survey conducted via www.smartsurvey.co.uk by the Motorcycle Industry Association


For further details or to arrange interviews with Tony Campbell, contact Polly Fenn on 02476 408000 or email p.fenn@mcia.co.uk

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