Free commuter cover during Ride to Work Week

18 June 2018

Motorcycle insurers and brokers Ageas, Aviva,  Bennetts, BikeSure, Devitt Insurance, LV, Lexham Insurance and Zenith are all offering free commuter cover to leisure riders, so that they can ride to work during national Ride to Work Week (18th to 24th June).

Only around half of all riders opt only for social and domestic cover, which Ride to Work Week aims to challenge by promoting the benefits of commuting via motorcycle and scooter.

The campaign highlights five main messages, which benefit individual riders and effectively reduce congestion for other road users too.
Here's why riders #commutehappy

  • They save time - riders can much more easily predict their journey tines through filtering.
  • They save money - some small scooters do up to 150mpg.
  • Easy parking - the cost of parking adds hugely to driving a car and motorcyclists get into the smallest spaces, and usually it’s free too!
  • Beat congestion - if just 10% of car drivers swapped to a motorcycle or scooter, congestion would be reduced by 40% for all.
  • It's just more fun - you'll turn up to work with a smile on your face.

Customers should call their insurance company to activate their insurance, unless they are contacted directly from their provider.
For additional information contact Gina Evans or phone 07590 168714
Notes for editors:

  • Ride to Work Week has an active facebook community, and during the campaign riders share their pictures of how they #commutehappy    
  • Follow on Twitter: @RideToWorkWeek  
  • See the website for info and downloads:

For further details or to arrange interviews with Tony Campbell, contact Polly Fenn on 02476 408000 or email

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