MCIA Brexit update

19 March 2018

Members of the Motorcycle Industry Association have been updated on the latest developments with Brexit and how these might impact the motorcycle and scooter market in the UK.

The number of people attending special MCIA Brexit briefings increases each time the meetings are held and March’s update was the second of 2018, the first being in January.

Meetings are staged each time there is a significant development in political negotiations, so that the MCIA’s public affairs team can unpack the consequences for the motorcycle industry.

Brexit was also on the agenda for each of the Special Member Group Meetings (SMGs), which were held this month.
Members were given detailed advice about what action needs to be taken now, to prepare their businesses for import and export post March 2019.

The next Brexit briefing will be held as soon as there is further progress in the Government's dialogue with Brussels.  All MCIA members are welcome.  Please email Polly Fenn from Membership Services

For further details or to arrange interviews with Tony Campbell, contact Polly Fenn on 02476 408000 or email

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