Motorcycle Rider Training Instructor (MRTI) – Professional Status Register

The MCIA RIDE professional status register is a list of The MCIA RIDE registered personnel who have successfully completed the Motorcycle Rider Training Instructor (MRTI) programme and have remained in good standing by completing effective continuing professional development (CPD) annually. MRTIs must be affiliated to an accredited ATB to be shown on the register.

All MRTIs have completed:

•    Three days of classroom based training, focussed on effective supervision, risk-management, coaching, client-centred learning and delivery of motorcycle rider training in-line with National Occupational Standards and the DVSA standards for rider and instructor training.

•    Assessment by a. MCIA RIDE qualified assessor whilst delivering CBT, and licence acquisition training (Mod 1 & Mod 2). 

•    An advanced rider training certificate, demonstrating their riding skills at post-test level.

•    Continuous Professional Development (CPD) records which are reviewed through their accredited ATB annually.

Professional registers are a mark of up to date, experienced professionals, benefiting the individual, and the customer as it shows the dedication and high status of the listed MCIA RIDE Motorcycle Rider Training Instructors.

Professional Status Register

Instructor NameTraining SchoolStatus
Jenny Kirkwood1 On 1 Rider TrainingWorking Towards
Martyn Mills1 On 1 Rider TrainingWorking Towards
David StewartAdvanced Riding Techniques LtdWorking Towards
Steve ManningAdvanced Riding Techniques LtdWorking Towards
Benjamin WrightAdvantage WimbledonWorking Towards
Christian DuffellAdvantage WimbledonWorking Towards
Daniele RicciAdvantage WimbledonWorking Towards
David CoppinsAdvantage WimbledonWorking Towards
Gerald HicksonAdvantage WimbledonWorking Towards
Paul WilliamsAdvantage WimbledonWorking Towards
Eduard MuckaEdventure Rider TrainingAccredited
Graham BassEdventure Rider TrainingAccredited
Ronn TappExceptional Rider TrainingAccredited
Ian LambieGMTS (Tayside)Accredited
Michal BrozynaGMTS (Tayside)Accredited
Nathan BrownIpass London LimitedWorking Towards
Kenny BrookesMoto-Pass Motorcycle Training LtdAccredited
Mungo WilliamsMungo's Motorcycle SchoolWorking Towards
Stephen RavenhillAlpha Motorcycle TrainingWorking Towards
Chris WhitePhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonWorking Towards
Dan DoylePhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonAccredited
Darren BrookerPhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonAccredited
Greg ScawenPhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonAccredited
John BrettPhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonWorking Towards
Keith BoardPhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonWorking Towards
Keith CullingPhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonAccredited
Keith TyasPhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonAccredited
Mark JaffePhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonAccredited
Martin HurrionPhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonAccredited
Neil BrownPhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonWorking Towards
Nick BrownPhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonAccredited
Paul BrownPhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonWorking Towards
Peter ForsterPhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonAccredited
Peter StevensPhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonAccredited
Sam RoodenburghPhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonAccredited
Sam St Julian BownPhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonAccredited
Steve HuttPhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonAccredited
Steven BradburyPhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonAccredited
Stuart ThompsonPhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonAccredited
Tony RichardsonPhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonAccredited
Vince CarrotPhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonAccredited
Wynne PritchardPhoenix Motorcycle Training – CroydonAccredited
Sarah LandraginSL Motorcycle TrainingAccredited
Graham CareySuffolk Rider TrainingAccredited
Robert JarmanSuffolk Rider TrainingAccredited
Damon OfferSutton Motorcycle TrainingWorking Towards
Richard KennedySutton Motorcycle TrainingWorking Towards
Michael SneldersSutton Motorcycle TrainingWorking Towards
Disraeli MachadoUniversal Motorcycle TrainingAccredited
Mario RebeloUniversal Motorcycle TrainingAccredited
Ryan LameyUniversal Motorcycle TrainingAccredited
Dane JefferiesVision Motorcycle TrainingAccredited
John BrownVision Motorcycle TrainingWorking Towards


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