MCIA RIDE Information for ATB’s and Post-Test Trainers

Covid-19 Best Practice Guidelines for ATBs

MCIA RIDE and the DIA with the support of DVSA have developed these guidelines to help ATBs who are delivering training during the Covid-19 pandemic.

They should be considered alongside the guidance we have obtained (below), as the situation regarding when training can be offered is not clearly defined.  

“Other than for critical workers I’m afraid I can’t give a concrete assurance that a specific set of circumstances make it acceptable for someone to go and renew their CBT certificate, neither can I cover every situation where it is not appropriate. 

The Government has published advice on who are key workers and on which activities we are all allowed out to do, and this has to form the basis of the decisions we all make. 

Whether it is appropriate or not is for each individual to determine based on the circumstances. Whatever they decide needs to pass a test of reasonableness taking the Government’s guidance in to account. 

You could ask yourself if an individual’s action in taking CBT is likely to attract a fixed penalty or if the decision would stand scrutiny in the media; this should people help make the right decision”. 

The document probably doesn’t cover every eventuality; but it should help you consider the risk to yourself, your instructors and members of the public as things slowly move to what is being referred to as the ‘new normal’.

ATB Owners/Managers: Committed to higher quality motorcycle training

MCIA RIDE Industry Approved ATBs are governed by a Code of Professional Practice which represents a commitment to delivering high quality motorcycle rider training, business management and professional standards. It raises MCIA RIDE Industry Approved ATBs to a higher level of professionalism, our MCIA RIDE Industry Approved training logo gives assurances to customers and other stakeholders (e.g. manufacturers, road safety organisations and government departments) that training being delivered is amongst the best in the industry, and customers are guaranteed a quality training experience. 

The Code of Professional Practice that MCIA RIDE Industry Approved ATB’s agree to abide by, goes beyond the standard of the training school’s motorcycles, equipment, premises, and instructor qualifications.  

TryRIDE - bringing new business to your door

MCIA is financing a nationwide campaign, aimed at reaching those who have not yet taken the first step onto 2 wheels. For MCIA RIDE Industry Approved ATBs, TryRIDE offers a way to engage with and attract new customers, at no cost to your ATB.

TryRIDE offers prospective customers an opportunity to experience a premium 60 minute taster session, for no more than £50.00. The taster session is managed, delivered, and recorded by the ATB This exciting initiative will give customers the opportunity to engage with MCIA RIDE Industry Approved ATBs at the very start of their motorcycling experience.

Business benefits

There are a range of benefits to joining MCIA RIDE Industry Approved ATBs. Click here for the full list. 

Entry to MCIA RIDE 

There are two routes for ATBs to join MCIA RIDE. 

•    Route 1 - Manufacturer Endorsed Schemes which are approved by MCIA RIDE.
•    Route 2 - DVSA Approved Training Bodies

For further information about the Manufacturer Schemes accepted and the documentation required, click here.

Post Test Training Providers

This part of the MCIA RIDE will not be launched at the same time as the pre test scheme. You can register your interest via, and the team will contact you nearer the launch date.

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