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You will find many people refer to mopeds and scooters when talking about a certain type of powered two-wheeler, but there is a difference. The following information will assist you in determining whether a moped or scooter is the right choice for you.

What is a Moped?

16 Years of Age +

A moped (category AM) is defined as having a maximum design speed over 25km/h (15.5mph) but not exceeding 45 km/h (28 mph).

Mopeds were originally designed as a motorcycle (mo) with pedals (ped). Mopeds are normally automatic (there are some exceptions where mopeds have gears) and are popular amongst 16-year olds as their first powered two-wheeler or those wishing to find an environmentally and cost friendly transport solution. They can legally be ridden on the road with L-plates once you have passed a CBT course (unless you passed your car test before February 2001 which already gives you the correct licence entitlement). You don’t need a full motorcycle licence to ride a moped.

What is a Scooter?

17 Years of Age +

Scooters are sometimes seen as a bigger version of a moped with engines larger than 50cc. Although they are similar in design to a moped as they normally have a step-through frame (which means you can step into it, rather climb onto it like a motorcycle) and have a platform on the base of the scooter where the rider can place their feet, you need to be 17 years of age or over to ride one. Scooters are commonly available in a wide range of sizes from 50cc to 650cc and above. 

It is worth remembering those with engines up to 50cc are classed as mopeds while scooters between 50 and 125cc can be ridden by people of at least 17 years of age with either a current CBT or a full A1, A2 or A motorcycle licence.  

You must be at least 19 years of age to ride a scooter with an engine size over 125cc as these follow the same licencing laws as motorcycles.

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