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Combining the thrill of learning to ride with high standards of training

If you already ride a motorcycle, moped or scooter (powered two-wheeler/PTW) or you are getting started on two-wheels for the first time, then booking your initial or ongoing training with an MCIA RIDE accredited training school is a great first step. This is the best way of ensuring an enjoyable learning experience, while also receiving the highest possible standards of training.

Powered two-wheelers offer a convenient, fun, practical and efficient mode of transport, but it is important for you to remember that a ‘safe-ride’ requires an investment in high quality training. For that, you need MCIA RIDE. 

Endorsed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), MCIA RIDE offers the motorcycle training sector’s only professional accreditation and ensures training is delivered to a consistent, national quality-assured standard.

To find your nearest MCIA RIDE accredited training school, click here.

Why you should insist on the best training

Although two-wheels offer more fun-per-mile than traffic-bound cars, cutting corners on training is not a good move. Furthermore, we know that when incidents do happen, they are too often linked to rider error. Investing in quality motorcycle training with an MCIA RIDE instructor will give you the skills to maximise all that is good about riding a motorcycle.  

Simply put, MCIA RIDE is the UK’s only independent route to quality assured accreditation and is your most reliable indication that a motorcycle training school takes their standards and your safety seriously.

Don’t ‘shop’ for motorcycle training on price

The true cost of buying cut-price or poor-quality motorcycle training will invariably be to the detriment of your safety.

We therefore recommend that you do not shop for motorcycle training by price and instead look for quality and value for money, where the most reliable measure is MCIA RIDE accreditation.

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

If you have already completed a TryRIDE taster session and you are ready to progress, the next step is to complete your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT). A CBT certificate is required by all riders who wish to ride legally on UK roads displaying ‘L’ plates. CBT is also an essential step towards gaining a full motorcycle licence. 

For those wishing to maximise the benefits of their motorcycle training, TryRIDE is an excellent first step, although there is nothing to stop novice riders from going straight to motorcycle CBT training. 

CBT motorcycle training is a legally mandated basic training program that is required for learner riders to ride unaccompanied on the road. While a certificate of competence will be issued for satisfactory completion of the course, it is important to note that CBT may not always be completed in a single day.

This is because learner riders must be able to demonstrate a good level of skill before a certificate of competence can be issued and reaching this standard sometimes takes longer. This is one of the reasons why completing TryRIDE is a good idea, as it gives valuable extra training and helps to benchmark training needs.

Passing your full motorcycle test

Following TryRIDE and Compulsory Basic Training, to gain a full motorcycle licence there are two motorcycle tests to complete. The first test (Module One) is an off-road assessment, where you will be required to complete several manoeuvres to the satisfaction of a DVSA examiner. The Module One test consists of machine handling, slow control and higher speed exercises

The second test (Module Two) is conducted on public roads by a DVSA examiner, who will guide you over a varied test-route that is designed to assess your skills and ability to safely handle a variety of roads, junctions and traffic conditions. When the required standard is achieved, a pass certificate will be issued, and you will have achieved a full motorcycle licence.

As with TryRIDE and Compulsory Basic Training, we recommend that you only book your ‘full-licence’ motorcycle training with an MCIA RIDE accredited motorcycle training school.

To find your nearest MCIA RIDE accredited training school, click here.

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