MCIA RIDE accreditation provides the UK’s highest standard of quality assurance for motorcycle training schools and instructors - putting accredited schools amongst the best in the industry.

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New to Riding

If you have ever wondered why so many people opt for the freedom, convenience and thrill that only motorcycles, mopeds and scooters (powered two-wheelers or PTWs) can offer, then you are in the right place and TryRIDE is the perfect first-step to learning more.

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Find Your Nearest Training School

Find your nearest MCIA RIDE approved motorcycle training centre.

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Motorcycle Training

Discover the range of motorcycle courses available with MCIA RIDE.

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Accreditation Information (For ATBs and Instructors)

MCIA RIDE accreditation represents a commitment to delivering higher quality motorcycle training, business management and professional standards. It raises accredited schools to a higher level of professionalism, gives assurances to training school customers that they are in good hands and are guaranteed a quality assured training experience.

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