Industry and rider groups unite to protect motorcycling

Industry and rider groups unite to protect motorcycling

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA), with support from leading riders’ rights group, Motorcycle Action Group, has today published its long awaited ‘Journey to a Brighter Destination’ document in support of leisure motorcycling. The Auto-Cycle Union and Mental Health Bikers have also supported the publication.

Premised on motorcycles offering significant environmental, economic, and societal benefits to the UK’s transport population, ‘The Journey’ puts forward a compelling case for why motorcycling as a leisure activity, primarily using higher powered motorcycles, must be protected as much as possible as the Government heads towards a net zero future.

Tony Campbell, CEO of MCIA, said:

“Today’s publication is all about celebrating what we all know and love. Underlying this is the need to showcase the significant benefits our industry brings to the UK economy and our society more generally.

“Though we are making significant progress in the lower powered end of the L-Category classification and the role these vehicles can, are and will play in the Government’s zero emission and future of transport agendas, higher powered motorcycles will need to be treated differently, as they face far greater challenges when it comes to electrification using technologies that are available today.

“With the consultation on the phase out of new non-zero emission L-Category vehicles expected this year, The Journey puts forward a powerful case for why certain parts of our sector must be given more time to adapt before working towards any arbitrary phase out date.

“The Government must, at the very least, have an open mind to alternative fuels/powertrains, move away from focusing exclusively on zero emissions at the tailpipe and, ultimately, be proportionate in its prescribing the sector a phase out date based on both our current UK emissions contribution and the whole life cycle environmental impact of these vehicle types.

“We are looking forward to continuing our work with Government, helping to shape the phase out consultation, and remain steadfast in ensuring progress towards net zero in a way that is both commercially viable for manufacturers and appealing to our riding community.”